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Can I Transfer from Community College to a Private University?

Transferring from community college to a private university is achievable!

Is transferring from community college to a private university more expensive?

Many students don’t apply to private universities because they think it will be too expensive. This isn’t true! There are many private universities that offer a very generous financial aid package.

Some private universities offer scholarships specifically for transfer students. Some private universities match the tuition cost of a University of California. Sometimes, attending a private university costs less money than a public university. Join EdVisorly to learn about scholarships and tuition at transfer friendly private universities.

Is transferring from community college to a private university hard?

Students used to think they couldn’t transfer to a private university because it wasn’t clear what courses you would need to take in community college and what credits would transfer to a private university.

On EdVisorly, mapping your courses to transfer to a private university is just as easy as mapping your courses to a public university! Get started and map out your courses on EdVisorly.

Why should I transfer to a private university?

Private universities offer a variety of benefits to include:

Small class sizes. Private universities are usually smaller than public universities. This means there are less students at the university, which means there will be less students in your classes. If you like the intimacy and the small class size feel of community college, you will enjoy a similar environment at a private university. Unlike public universities that have large lecture halls, many private universities will continue to offer their upper division courses in a small class setting. You will be able to build a strong and tight knit community of peers, faculty, and professors.

Strong professor relationships. Smaller class sizes result in having more face time with professors. You will have the opportunity to get to know your professors on a personal level. Sometimes a professor can become a lifelong mentor.

Easy to navigate. Not only are there fewer students, but a private university’s campus is usually smaller than a public university’s campus. This allows you to feel comfortable in your surroundings.

A strong alumni network. Private universities have some of the strongest alumni networks of any university. Being able to lean on a community of graduates who came before you and who will come after you is a huge benefit. You can utilize your network for internship and job opportunities, mentorship, and friendship.

Access to resources. Because there are less students, you don’t have to share. Every internship, scholarship, housing opportunity, research project, etc. is up for grabs.

Individual attention. Your professors will know your name. Your community will get to know you on a personal basis. If you have a health problem, or if you are struggling in a certain area, your peers and your professors will care about you not just as a student, but as a person. Because there are less students, the university can go out of their way to assist your individual needs.

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