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How To Transfer to an Online University

Transferring from community college to an online university is possible!

Can I take online courses at community college?

Since the pandemic, community colleges have innovated to make it possible to earn an Associate Degree for Transfer completely online.

Community college students are a diverse population. You might work full time. You might be a parent. You might have to take care of a family member. You might learn better virtually. You might have a health condition. Whatever your reason is, it is now possible to earn an Associate Degree for Transfer completely online.

Can I transfer to an online university from community college?

Absolutely! There are many online universities who are looking for community college transfer students. Some universities are fully online and some offer hybrid opportunities.

You can earn a 4-year degree by taking every course online. You can take online classes at community college to earn your Associate Degree for Transfer and then you can transfer to a university and take your remaining two years of courses online to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Many online universities are flexible, and will accept your application and transfer credits prior to earning an ADT. Completing 60 units might not be a requirement. 

What are the benefits of attending an online university?

Flexibility. If you have responsibilities outside of your education, taking online courses allows you to take courses around your schedule. You can choose when to work on your assignments and when you want to attend video calls. The schedule and the timeline to earn your degree is in your hands.

Affordability. Choosing to attend an in-person university comes with a collection of costs. If you were to attend a university outside of your hometown, you would have to incur moving costs, you would have to pay for living (dorm or apartment), and you would have travel expenses if you wanted to come home for the holidays. An online education only requires a computer and internet connection.

Accessibility. Students who might not normally be able to attend university in a traditional classroom setting can participate.

Diversity. Because courses are online, students in any location can attend. This means you can build relationships with peers across America, and even across the world! You can also benefit from top notch professors who might be working professionals themselves. You will have the opportunity to learn from experts who are active in their field. You can gain real world experience. You can also benefit from incredible guest speakers who wouldn’t have the time to fly to your in-person classroom, but they can easily tune into a Zoom call.

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