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Transferring to an Out-of-State University

Can I transfer to a university that is in a different state than my community college?

Can I transfer from a California Community College to a university that is not in California? 

If you go to a community college in California, you can absolutely transfer to a university out of state. If you go to a community college outside of California, you can also transfer to a university in California.

Universities want transfer students, and your location should not affect which transfer opportunities you have access to.

On EdVisorly, you can explore and build relationships with out of state universities who have special initiatives to enroll out of state community college transfer students.

Is transferring out of state more expensive?

Some universities, like the UC system and CSU system have higher tuition for out of state students. However, some universities, like Hawaii Pacific University, have special programs to make attending a university out of state the exact same price as attending a California university.

Some universities have special scholarships for out of state students. Some universities have a singular tuition fee for transfer students, and it doesn’t matter if you are in state or out of state.

Transferring out of state is not more expensive if you choose a university that is inclusive to out of state transfer students. You can learn about these universities on EdVisorly.

Also, keep in mind that tuition is not the only financial piece to consider when choosing your university. A university might have low tuition, but it might be located in an expensive city. This would make housing, food, and your overall cost of living high. California universities might have lower tuition, but the cost to live in California is high. It is common for international students attend community college in California, and then transfer to a university out of state because the cost of living in other states is much lower.

Is it hard to transfer from a California community college to a university not in California?

 No. For California students, the easiest way to transfer is to earn an Associate Degree for Transfer. Many universities located outside of California accept ADTs even though they aren’t a California institution. This means all of your credits will transfer and planning your courses to these out of state universities will be just as easy as planning your courses to a CSU or UC. You can plan your courses for an ADT on EdVisorly.

Some out of state universities don’t accept the full ADT, but they will work with you on an individual basis and tell you which courses they will accept, and they will recommend courses to take at your California community college. You can message these universities on EdVisorly and ask them which credits they recommend.

How do I transfer to a university out of state?

Join EdVisorly to learn about which out of state universities are transfer friendly for community college students. Chat with their admissions teams and learn about their tuition and scholarships. Watch videos to see what it is like to live and be on campus. College is a time to explore and find yourself. Leaving your home state could be a fun adventure!  

Begin your transfer journey on EdVisorly!

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