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Map your transfer with EdVisorly

Discover transfer universities

Discover universities

Find transfer scholarships

Find scholarships

transfer questions to univeristies

Chat with university admissions teams

Explore programs and majors

Explore majors







Transfer Destinations


The power to transfer is in your hands 🚀

Free app for community college students transferring to universities




How it Works


1. Create a Profile

Show universities who you are and what you are interested in.

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2. Discover Universities

Explore transfer opportunities and discover your best transfer university.


3. Connect

Build relationships with the admission teams at your dream university.

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4. Plan Your Courses

Know which courses you need to take at your community college to transfer successfully.

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5. Apply

Apply to multiple universities in a couple of clicks through an easy application process.







Student Voices

"EdVisorly is like the Instagram for college. There is finally an app for my generation!”

“I can’t believe I just applied to a university in under 5 minutes on my phone"

"EdVisorly is like having a transfer fair in your phone every day."