Building Community College to University Enrollment Capacity


The United States community college system educates 6 million first and second-year college students, most of whom aspire to attain a bachelor's degree. To make this dream achievable, we developed the first nationwide community college-to-university transfer platform.


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transfer from community college to univeristy


We partner with top 4-year university enrollment teams to expand awareness for their institution across motivated and talented community college transfer students.  We work with universities to increase their capacity to attract, enroll, and retain community college transfer students through bachelor's degree completion.


Higher education is a powerful tool for social and economic mobility, and we are committed to ensuring that freshmen and sophomores in community college are given an equitable opportunity to become juniors and seniors at universities and colleges across the United States.

EdVisorly Enrollment Platform Community College to University

Community colleges host the most diverse student population in higher education. We are built on a foundation that the United States is a better place when aspiring community college students have equitable opportunities to achieve the future of their dreams.

EdVisorly Leadership Team


Manny Smith

Founder & CEO


Hanna Ving

Chief Operating Officer


Lizzie Allison

Chief Strategy Officer

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Chief Information

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Ed Mills

Derek DuBose

University of Denver

Edward Mills, Phd.

California State University, Sonoma

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 Stephen Handle Ph.d.

ECMC Foundation

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 Mark Walsh

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