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Associate Degree for Transfer Overview

An Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) is a two year degree earned in community college with transferable coursework to a university.

What is an Associate Degree for Transfer?

An Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), also known as a Degree with a Guarantee or a 2+2 Degree, is a 2-year degree earned at a California community college that is fully transferable to universities. 

The Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) program was initially created in partnership between the California State University (CSU) System and the California Community College System. 

An Associate Degree for Transfer consists of 60 lower division units, both ADT major specific and general education. You can learn more about the exact class and transfer requirements for an ADT here

Think of an Associate Degree for Transfer as a pathway that you can follow throughout your community college journey. If you take the correct courses on your pathway, you will unlock the ability to transfer with extra benefits. 

Why should I earn an Associate Degree for Transfer?

By earning an Associate Degree for Transfer at a California community college, you will receive these special benefits:

  • The ability to follow a clear framework throughout your community college journey.

  • You will leave community college with an associate's degree. Think of this perk like a safety net. If something happens, and you are unable to complete your bachelor’s degree after you transfer to your university, you will always be able to fall back on your associate degree from community college.

  • You will receive a 0.1 bump on your GPA at Cal State Universities. 

  • You will receive guaranteed admission to at least 1 Cal State University. This means that you can confidently have peace of mind that you are accepted into at least one university. However, you do not get to pick which CSU campus or major you have a guaranteed acceptance into. 

  • You will be in junior standing once you transfer. This means that your community college credits will transfer. Once you get to your university, you won’t have to take classes that you already took in community college. All of your 60 units from your ADT will transfer and you can start your junior year taking upper division requirements. 

What universities accept the Associate Degree for Transfer?

Along with the CSU System, many private, online, out-of-state, and HBCU universities accept Associate Degrees for Transfer. On EdVisorly, you can map your ADT to our diverse portfolio of partner universities.

Discover universities who accept the ADT framework on EdVisorly!

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