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Can I Transfer to a University After Community College?

Yes! Community college is a great launching pad for earning a bachelor’s degree at a university.


How do I transfer from community college to a university?

1. Discover universities. Learn about what each university has to offer. Do you want to study in California or do you want to transfer to a university out of state? Do you want to go to a private university or a public university? Which universities have scholarships for you? 


2. Connect with universities. Ask the people who work at universities your questions. Build a relationship with them so you can get a real feel for the school. 


3. Choose your goals. Now that you have explored and engaged universities, decide where you want to transfer. What university do you want to transfer to, and what do you want to study?


4. Plan your courses. It’s important to plan your courses as early as possible so that you don’t take courses at community colleges that won’t transfer. Every course you take should get you closer to your transfer goal! You can create a Transfer Path on EdVisorly to know which courses you need to take to transfer successfully.


5. Apply. After you have taken your courses, apply to your universities and successfully transfer!


Is it hard to transfer from a community college to a university?

When Hanna (COO of EdVisorly) and Lizzie (Chief Strategy Officer) went to community college, it was hard to figure out what classes to take, what credits would transfer, what universities accepted transfer students, and how to ask universities questions. 

Hanna spent an extra year at community college because she took the wrong courses, and Lizzie went to 4 different community colleges because she couldn’t enroll in the courses she needed at one college.

Hanna and Lizzie both struggled to understand what an articulation agreement was and how to follow one. They had a hard time knowing who to ask or where to ask for help and they didn’t know which universities they could transfer to.

…But not anymore!

Hanna, Lizzie, and the EdVisorly Team created EdVisorly, the transfer app, to make transferring from community college to university easy for students. 

EdVisorly simplifies the transfer process. Once you create an account, you can learn about universities, message universities and ask them questions, and plan out your courses so you can feel confident that every course you are taking will transfer!

EdVisorly makes transferring easy! Join EdVisorly

How long does it take to transfer from community college to a university?

Many students spend 2 years at community college and then transfer to a university. However, it is also possible to transfer from community college to a university after 1 year or even 1 semester. Some students transfer after 3 years in community college. Every journey is different, and depending on your goals, your timeline will be unique to you!

Is it possible to transfer from community college to a top institution?

Absolutely! There are plenty of transfer friendly universities who are top tier institutions. When Hanna was in community college, she didn’t know she could transfer to a private school and when Lizzie was in community college, she had no clue she could transfer to a school out-of-state. 

Transfer students perform exceptionally well at universities. The problem is students don’t know universities want them and universities have a hard time telling transfer students they want them to apply. 

On EdVisorly, students can learn about transfer-friendly top tier universities who are ready to talk to students, answer questions, and receive applications. Start now!

Begin your transfer journey and join EdVisorly now! 

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